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thrulayd - server daemon for thrulay requests.


thrulayd [-w#] [-p#] [-a*] [-c]


thrulayd listens on a TCP port and answers thrulay client requests. For TCP tests, it sends back the first 16 bytes of the block upon receipt of each block; For UDP tests, it sends back test statistics upon receipt of a termination message from the client.


Window size of server listening socket(default: 4194304Bytes).
Server listening port(default: 5003).
Authenticate client addresses. By default, all clients have access right. Client address could be a IPv6 address or IPv4 address in CIDR syntax. A valid IPv4 address is seperated by `.' and a valid IPv6 address is seperated by `:'. If thrulayd is started on an IPv6 interface, you need to specify client address in IPv6 address format. For example, to allow ``" only, use ``-a ::ffff:".
Run server in console mode. Do not run server as a background process. Deliver a copy of log messages to stdout in addition to syslogd.


Please send bug reports to <>.


Huadong Liu <>


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