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thrulay - a network performance tester.


thrulay [-t#] [-i#] [-w#] [-l#] [-p#] [-n#] [-u#] [-byes/no] [-S#] [-D#] host


thrulay measures network throughput and delay by sending continuous TCP streams or fine-grained Poisson UDP streams. host is the server to send test data to.


Duration for running a thrulay test(default: 60Seconds).
Interval for reporting statics of TCP tests(default: 1Second). It is ignored in UDP tests.
Window size in TCP tests or send buffer size in UDP tests(default: 4194304Bytes).
Block size in TCP tests or packet size in UDP tests(default: 8192Bytes).
Server listening port to connect(default: 5003).
Number of parallel test streams(default: 1).
UDP sending rate in bits per second followed by a SI suffix (K/k for 1000, M/m for 1000,000).
Busy wait or not when sending UDP packets(default: yes).
Type-of-service byte for outgoing IP pacekts. You may specify the value in hex with a `0x' prefix, in octal with a `0' prefix, or in decimal. Valid values are: 0x10(IPTOS_LOWDELAY) for minimize delay; 0x08(IPTOS_THROUGHPUT) for maximize throughput; 0x04(IPTOS_RELIABILITY) for maximize reliability; and 0x02(IPTOS_LOWCOST) for minimize cost.
DSCP values for TOS bytes, mutual exclusive with the `-S' option.


Please send bug reports to <>.


Huadong Liu <>


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